20 Best Canva Script & Cursive Fonts That You Don’t Need A Pro Subscription To Use

April 4, 2022

Everyone loves a script or cursive font and Canva has a huge variety to choose from, even without a Pro Subscription, which is rather nice. But not all these fonts are created equal! While some can add a feminine, playful, or humanistic touch to your work, others need to be avoided like a psycho ex. With so many options though, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed, so I wanted to make the choosing process a little easier for you. I went through a took a thorough look at all the free script and cursive fonts that Canva has to offer and narrowed it down to 20 solid choices you can confidently use in your DIY graphic design work, whether it’s for branding, social media posts, your blog, or marketing materials.

Deciding factors I used to sift the good from the bad:

  • Legibility | First and foremost, your audience needs to be able to read your content, so readability was the first quality I used to filter the dozens of script and cursive fonts that Canva offers. When you’re looking at any font, this is always the most important thing you need to think about.
  • Kerning (Spacing) | Canva allows you to change the spacing between all the letters in a type box, but what it doesn’t let you do is change it between specific letters in a word, so if something is spaced wonky it’s stuck. You want all the letters to be equally spaced and sit comfortably together, something that is especially important with script and cursive fonts become they connect.
  • Connectors | A seemingly small, but rather frustrating thing I noticed about some of these fonts is that the connecting lines between the letters were not always nice and smooth. Sometimes they even overlapped into the next letter. That’s a no go.
  • Curves | There shouldn’t be any hard and angled curves in the structures of the letters in script and cursive fonts—that’s kind of the beauty of them in the first place, right? The smooth flowing forms. So you don’t want that to be disrupted by a funky angle where there should be a soft curve.
  • Overall Aesthetic | Some fonts just don’t work. Period. While examining the fonts I used paragraphs and short phrases to get a good feel for how the letters worked (or didn’t work) together to make attractive type.

The best Canva script and cursive fonts:

1. Alex Brush

2. Anastasia Script

3. Angelina

4. Breathing

5. Brightwall

6. Brittany

7. Callem

8. Feeling Passionate

9. Gallateo

10. Gitsesy

11. Halimum

12. Howell

13. Lemon Tuesday

14. Malibu

15. Moontime

16. Nickailey

17. Pinyon

18. Playlist Script

19. The Youngest Script

20. Wonderful Branding

Hope you found this list helpful and feel more confident about your script font choices. If you’re looking for more info about Canva fonts to avoid, I have another article that you can find here. As per usual, if you have any questions or looking for a little design help, don’t hesitate to reach out!