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60 design terms & phrases every ambitious woman should know + tips from a professional designer

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    Learn the Design Basics

    This handbook on graphic design lingo and basics is useful for small business owners, non-profit organizers, content creators, and activists who are doing their own design work or collaborating with a freelancer. Learn the basics to be a better DIY-designer and communicate more effectively with visual designers with this easy to understand glossary. I skipped the nitty gritty details and filtered each description to give you a guide that is easy to understand and in a context that reflects your needs. 60 design terms and phrases cover:

    • Typography | Learn the difference between calligraphy and hand-lettering (nope, they are not the same thing) and why there is always that weird, gibberish content in the templates you buy (Lorem Ipsum).
    • Color and Image | You have probably heard most of the terms in this section like shade and resolution, but in this section I make sure you really know what they mean and how they’re used.
    • File Format & Elements | What’s the difference between a PDF file and a JPEG? And does it even matter? Here I break down the types of files designers use and what you find when you open them.
    • Miscellaneous | This is the stuff that didn’t quite fit into any of the other categories, but that would still be helpful for you to know.
    • Designer Tips | These are the golden nuggets. Throughout this guide I included a bunch of useful snippets, little things I’ve learned along the way that can make a big difference for you whatever your design related goals are.

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