Canva in a script font, orange color on pink background

20 Best Canva Script & Cursive Fonts That You Don’t Need A Pro Subscription For

Everyone loves a script or cursive font and Canva has a huge variety to choose from, even without a Pro Subscription, which is rather nice. But not all these fonts are created equal! While some can add a feminine, playful, or humanistic touch to…

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featured image of a well designed blog post with annotations

Design Tips to Convert Blog Visitors into Subscribers & Customers

So, you’re running a blog to try to make an income as a content creator or to support your small business, but you have a high bounce rate (how many people leave your page instead of checking out more of your website) and/or you’re not seeing any…

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30 Rules & Narratives Every Woman Can Break Daily to Empower Herself And Others

Most of these rules and narratives are subtle and unspoken, things we’ve grown up to accept without even realizing it. Like censoring ourselves so we don’t come off as bitchy, suppressing our emotions so that we don’t make others uncomfortable, or…

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start becoming activist advocate blog post featured images with activism and advocacy protest signs that say equal pay, vote, and pro-choice

The Most Important—But Most Overlooked—Step To Start Becoming A Serious Activist Or Advocate

People find a problem in their community, they want to do something about it, but they get stuck before they can even get started because they don’t know where to begin. So today I’m going to address this and talk about the most important step start…

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graphic for blog post canva fonts to avoid

Canva Fonts You Should Avoid (And More Importantly, Why)

First of all, wow! I knew that Canva had a lot of fonts, but I definitely didn’t realize just how extensive their collection was until I decided to scroll through the whole thing to create this list for you ladies (I’m talking several hundred!!). My…

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visual branding checklist for content creators graphic with computer phone and tablet illustrations

Visual Branding Checklist for Content Creators

First, what do I mean by visual brand? I’m talking about the things you need to visually communicate your brand. Think logo, color pallet, and fonts. For this article I am covering the different branded components and materials you need to get…

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support sisterhood holiday graphic illustration of gingerbread women for blog post

10 ways you can #SupportSisterhood this holiday season

This is a time of year when everyone seems to be in an especially giving mood, so I thought it would be great to share some of the ways we can all #SupportSisterhood and help our fellow ladies out this season! And, to keep things well rounded, I…

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graphic illustration for for blog when to use templates and when not to

When to use design templates & when not to

While I am always a proponent for collaborating with a professional to fulfill your design needs, I also know that sometimes it’s just not in the budget, especially if you’re just starting out or running a small business. The good news is when you…

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graphic illustration of calligraphy and hand-lettering tools like pens paint brushes pencils and markers

Custom Type: Calligraphy vs. Hand-lettering

As these artforms grow in popularity I’m finding a lot of people use the two terms interchangeably when describing their own works, the work of others, or the work they want created for them. But, while calligraphy and hand-lettering can often look…

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graphic illustration of web elements computer and phone for blog post designing the best website user experience for your brand

Tips for designing the best website user experience for your brand

Ladies, I hate to say it, but it doesn’t matter how fricken awesome your content or products are if your website isn’t offering your visitors a positive user experience. If you want to keep people on your site so you can turn readers into…

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call to action for the downloadable ebook guide to design jargon

The Non-Designer’s Guide to Design Jargon

I am crazy excited to announce that today I am launching my very first eBook!! (And it’s free!) While I was writing my design jargon articles for you guys, I started to think that having a full handbook that you could easily reference on your…

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illustration for blog post about file formatting in graphic design

A Non-Designers Guide to Design Jargon: File Format & Elements

The third design jargon category I wanted to go over, and maybe the most important for any non-designer who works with creatives, is file format and elements. In this article I am going to cover the different kinds of files that designers work with…

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graphic illustration of an orange Pantone swatch

A Non-Designers Guide to Design Jargon: Color & Image

This week’s designer jargon topic is color and image. Whether you are working with a designer, hunting through stock photography for your brand, or buying pre-made graphics, it is important to understand to terms used to describe this topic so that…

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blog post image says type jargon

A Non-Designers Guide to Design Jargon: Typography

Whether you are a small business owner working with a design team, a content creator who enlists the help of a freelance graphic designer, or a lady with a side hustle creating your own visual content, it’s important to know and understand design…

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illustration infographic first 100 days in business

My First 100 Days in Business & What I Learned

100 days since I officially launched Goldfish Girl Creative, LLC. 100 days as a small business woman. 100 days of trial and error. I am a first-time small business owner who jumped in headfirst, so these first days have been crazy interesting, kind…

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blog graphic about where to use your logo. illustrations of business card, envelope, phone, and hang tags

Going beyond the business card and getting the most out of your logo

There are just so many articles already out there describing all the reasons logos are important and why you need an awesome one to make your brand stand out—so I’m going to skip all that. You don’t need me reiterating what a bunch of other people…

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blog graphic about women defining target audience

Defining Your Target Audience to Develop a Stronger Brand

Not having a defined target audience is like throwing darts with your eyes closed and hoping you hit the bullseye—your dart is more likely to end up in someone’s drink than in the actual target. If you are a small business owner, coach, influencer,…

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blog post graphic for girls get shit done series

Girls Get Shit Done Series 1: My Girl Biz Crush, Title Nine

Girls Get Shit Done is a new article series I am launching where I highlight women owned and run businesses, organizations, and platforms that inspire me and, hopefully, you too. These ladies are hustling, kicking ass, #SupportingSisterhood, and…

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graphic illustration for blog post about branding kits for women

Branding kits—what they are and why you really, really do need one

What is it, why is it important, and how to do it—in this article we cover everything you need to know about using visual consistency effectively for a successful and unified brand. It’s easy to do, but more important than you may think!

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graphic for blog post about how to avoid the most common graphic design mistakes made by DIY designers

3 most common graphic design mistakes and how to avoid them

I compiled a list of the 3 biggest and most common mistakes I see DIY designers make and cover the ways that you can avoid them so that your content will look professional and on brand. To help you ladies out I also included a list of tips and…

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graphic illustrations for blog post how to talk about triggering topics for women

Changing How We Talk About Triggering Topics

There is so much going on these days and so many emotionally triggering topics to talk about, but we have got to stop jumping down each other’s damn throats, especially on social media! t’s disheartening the way we go after each other, even when…

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graphic illustration visual consistency

Visual consistency, a must for every influencer & business lady!

What is it, why is it important, and how to do it—in this article we cover everything you need to know about using visual consistency effectively for a successful and unified brand. It’s easy to do, but more important than you may think!

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