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The non-designer's guide to design jargon

November 2, 2021

I am crazy excited to announce that today I am launching my very first eBook!! (And it’s free!)

While I was writing my design jargon articles for you guys, I started to think that having a full handbook that you could easily reference on your computer would probably be a pretty useful tool. Everything you need to know to better understand design basics all in one place. So, that’s what I did!

Focusing on words and concepts that are the most useful to you as small business women, content creators, and leading ladies, I created this Non-designers Guide to Design Jargon to help you to better understand design centered content as you build your DIY skills, as well as collaborate and communicate with freelancers/ creative teams to build effective designs. I skipped the nitty gritty details and filtered each description to give you a guide that is easy to understand and in a context that reflects your needs.

I hope you love this guide I wrote for you and continue to use it as reference as you make moves, conquer goals, and kick ass!

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    Downloadable ebook guide to design jargon