24 Goal and scheduling planner templates for Canva to help you set goals, make plans, and pursue the life you want.

These easy-to-use set of templates will make it simpler for you to set and track your personal and professional goals, organize your weekly/monthly/yearly plans, and take inventory on you physical and mental health so that you can be the best version of yourself. Perfect for any and all ambitious women who have a lot on their plates and need a way to organize their personal and professional lives.


  • PDF with links to the Canva templates
  • Daily Planner(2)
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Yearly planner
  • Daily to-do list
  • Weekly to-do list
  • Monthly to-do list
  • Habit tracker
  • Passwords
  • Meal planner + grocery list
  • Goal Planner
  • Goals tracker
  • Mental health check in
  • Contacts
  • Daily reflection
  • Weekly reflection
  • Monthly reflection
  • Self care checklist
  • Vision board
  • Bill tracker
  • Income and expenses
  • Notes (2)
  • Works with the free version of Canva (no pro subscription required!)
  • Everything is completely customizable and can be printed or used digitally.

Everything is completely customizable and can be printed or used digitally.

Everything is completely editable! Change the colors, fonts, design, and content easily with Canva to match your style and/or brand.

Upon purchasing this product, you will receive a downloadable PDF that has the link or links to the purchased template(s). This file can be found in your accounts Downloads section after the purchase is complete and will be available for download as many times as needed for the life of your account. No physical items will be shipped to you. Please note: any other designs (posters, social media, websites, etc.) depicted in the product images on this page are not included with your purchase.

This is really important, so please read!!! Goldfish Girl Creative is unable to complete refunds on any downloadable products due to the nature of the product and delivery. Unfortunately, these aren’t like a pair of jeans you can bring home, try on, and return because they don’t flatter all of your fabulousness like they should. Now, that being said, if there is something you are unhappy with after your purchase, let us know because we are more than happy to work with you directly to make things right. We don’t do any of those digital customer service lines that are more annoying than helpful—if there is a problem, you work directly with the designer.


Let’s talk Canva! We want to make sure our products are accessible to all women and easy to use. If you ask us, you shouldn’t have to be a designer or pay for fancy programs to make your content look as good as it sounds. This is why we use Canva. Not only can you edit the artwork you buy, but you don’t have to pay for an expensive program! These products only require a free account on the Canva site to use. That’s it!

So, when you purchase our icons, you are sent a PDF with a link (or links) directly to a Canva folder where the template(s) can be edited and used. From there you can change the colors, images, fonts, content, and graphics to match your brand and style. However, like with all things, Canva does have its limitations. We do what we can to work around drawbacks to give you the most editing capabilities, but if you have a question about or need something very specific, let us know and we are happy to help!

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