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Visual consistency, a must for every influencer & business lady!

May 31, 2021

What is it, why is it important, and how to do it—in this article we cover everything you need to know about using visual consistency effectively for a successful and unified brand. It’s easy to do, but more important than you may think!

Let’s talk visual consistency. We realize it sounds a little boring and maybe even unimportant, but you’re going to need it if you want your platform and/or business to be successful. Trust us on this one. And while visual consistency simply sounds like making your content and platforms look cohesive, there are a lot of benefits to this visual unity and factors that play into making it effective that most people don’t always consider. So, since we want to see you be successful in sharing your message and connecting with your communities, we wrote up this article to make sure you have all the info you need to build cohesion throughout any and all of your outlets.

In this article…

What exactly is visual consistency?

How will it help you?

Where do you need it?

The Visual Consistency Checklist

What exactly is visual consistency?

Visual consistency, in short, is the structured and recurring use of visual elements, like colors and graphics, to create unity, making your business/platform/brand recognizable across all outlets. It is one of the bases on which your brand, style, and identity are built, the way in which your audience and/or customers perceive you. There are other elements that play into brand like writing style and audio, but for this article we are going to focus solely on the visual, our favorite of course.

How will it help you?

Professionalism and credibility that adds value to our brand and message.

Appearances do matter in a world of information overload and instant gratification. Simple things like sticking to a color scheme and using the same typeface in all of your graphics goes a long way in making your brand more trustworthy in the eyes of your audience. How often do you feel comfortable buying from an ecommerce site whose pages don’t match up? Probably not often if ever, right? That’s because it’s easier to trust a cohesive brand vs. one that is all over the place or looks like it’s been thrown together. The way we see it, if it looks like someone was willing to take the time and effort to build a solid brand and keep everything consistent, they mean business and care enough about the message they are sharing to know what they are talking about. With professionalism and credibility comes trust, and with trust comes value.

Avoids confusion and creates a consistent narrative and strong brand.

Do you see us changing our core message every other day of the week? Nope! We picked one core message/theme to focus on because it is important to us and that is the basis for all of our content. Besides being ridiculous, if we were constantly changing our message it would confuse the crap out of our audience and we wouldn’t be able to gain any traction. The same goes for your brand and visual identity. If you have a different look and feel for every social media post, website page, and email you send, your audience and/or customers will just get confused about your narrative and identity and give up. Confusion is always a quick way to lose someone. Instead, by keeping a cohesive visual identity, you are creating a consistent narrative and strong brand that your audience can actually follow, free of whiplash or confusion.

Your audience will know what to expect and find it easier to consume your content.

Your visual identity isn’t just about making your content look attractive, it also plays a pretty big role in legibility and non-verbal direction. Think color coding: when you color code things like your planner or social media calendar you are making it easier to find and identify patterns and elements later on. The same concept applies to the content you are sharing with your audience, whether it be on your website, social media page, or eBook. Reusing the same colors, graphics, type, etc. to identify different types of information you are sharing makes it a heck of a lot easier and faster for your audience to interpret and digest your content.

Makes it easier for your audience to identify you.

When you are consistent with your visual identity your audience will better be able to find you, to spot your content as they are scrolling through social media, to recognize your website or ecommerce page. Make it easier, not harder, for your people to find and identify your brand, especially when they are looking for it.

Saves you time and effort.

By having a consistent visual identity you have essentially created a visual guide for yourself, so now all you have to do is follow it. Not having to constantly reinvent your look or make decisions on color and type can save you tons of time and energy, which is a big deal when creating content and/or running a business already requires a whole lot.

People like consistency.

It’s just that simple. Keep it consistent and you’ll keep your audience and/or customers happy.

Where do you need it?


All of  the pages on your site should have a matching style and look, and should follow the brand you have established for your platform and/or business. This includes everything from the layout of the pages to the look of your buttons. Don’t forget, the small details, like the colors of your links, are just as important as the big things like layout.

Social Media Posts and Presentations

Just like your website, all posts and presentation slides should follow the style of your brand. We also suggest using the same filters for all of your photos that you post to social media. Having a quality set of templates to work with really helps to cut down on time and keeps everything looking consistent.


The colors, type, graphics, and textures/patterns should all be the same as you have used on your website and social media planforms and, while the layout may be a little different, you should use a similar approach to laying out your pages. For example, if all of your type is centered on your website, the type should be centered throughout your eBook as well.

Printed materials like posters, labels, and tags

Keep everything consistent and use the same look for printed content as you do for your digital content. It seems obvious, but it is easy to accidentally break away from your brand when your content joins the physical world.

Emails and other digital communications

These are easy to overlook, but are just as important as your website or social media posts. It is helpful for your audience and/or customers to recognize the newsletters and emails you send before they even read them.

The Visual Consistency Checklist

Use the following checklist to review your own content and outlets. Is your color scheme the same on your website as it is on your Instagram page? Are you using the same graphics throughout your brand? By reviewing all of these elements on your social media pages, website, eBooks, printed materials, and digital communications, you will be able to gauge how visually consistent your brand is and if it is time to make some updates.

graphic visual consistency checklist

Need Help?

Like we said at the beginning, we want to see you succeed in sharing your message and we offer a variety of products and services to help! In our shop you’ll find a variety of easy to use templates and, better yet, template collections to help you save time and energy as you establish visual consistency for your brand. We also offer design services in which we can build you a custom brand from scratch or design content to match an existing brand.