Serving the female community by empowering thewomen who elevate it

It is my belief that women who break rules and change narratives—whether they’re starting small businesses, building communities, creating positive change, or becoming leaders—move us all forward and make us stronger. They inspire us to do and be more, they open new opportunities for us, they improve our lives with their products and activism, and they lead us into a better future.

break rules. change narratives.

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You already have the ideas, ambition, and drive—the important stuff—but what you need are the tools to build an effective brand, reach your community, and share your content and/or products. That’s where Goldfish Girl Creative comes in. I have products, services, and resources to help you through each of the different stages of your pursuits, whether you’re just starting out and trying to get the ball rolling or you’ve already seen some success and want to grow your brand.

I am here to empower you as you break rules and change narratives, whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, non-profit organizer, content creator, activist, or leader. Let’s get shit done!

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core values


Every single female-identifying person deserves to be seen, heard, and take up space, no matter their background, ethnicity, sexual-orientation, religion, etc. Period. In this space the voices, messages, and opinions of all women are heard* and I look for opportunities to collaborate and work with women of all backgrounds. *The only women who are not welcome in this space are those who believe it is somehow acceptable to discriminate against or cause harm to other women. I have a no tolerance policy for that nonsense.


Strong communities are built with candid connections. It’s easier for women to relate and bond with each other when we show up and engage as our full, unfiltered, authentic selves—no phony facades, no putting on face. This is why I value real talk, show up as my complete and genuine self with all my quirks, swearing, and sassiness, and work to create a space where others will be comfortable to do the same.


It comes in a lot of different forms, shapes, and sizes. Not all rules worth breaking are big and bold; not all narratives worth changing are elaborate and complicated; and taking back one’s autonomy looks different for every woman. The key component to all badassery is the overcoming of our training and the expectations placed on us. It’s choosing to do what is best for us, to do what we want and need, and to follow our own beliefs and values. Badass doesn’t always mean big. Even small moments and actions of badassery can elevate our community.

my story

A quote in one of my favorite books, In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney, was the reason I decided to start my own business. In an interview with Janet Mock she was asked what characteristic she admired most in other creative women. Her response:

“The audacity to do something different and embody their own difference. We are trained to fit in, assimilate, and blend in, so I’m always enamored of women who overcome that training and just stick out.”

Some back story: after graduating from college I hit a wall—hard and face first. In school I dual majored in Fine Art and Graphic Design, received serval creative awards, and when I graduated I was honored with an arts fellowship that essentially sponsored me to be creative for a whole year (which was fricken awesome). I wasn’t exactly taking the standard route for a graphic designer, but I was hella passionate and I felt confident in my work…

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a littleabout me

Hello! I’m Anya, a pit bull mama (her name is Blueberry) and sticky note enthusiast. I established Goldfish Girl Creative, LLC in 2020 and launched in 2021 during the Coronavirus pandemic with no job, no background in business, a humble savings, and from the corner of a spare room in my parents’ house—a real fairytale beginning. What I did have was a background in design, illustration, and the barista arts (yes, there is an art to smiling at rude customers while trying not to burn yourself on their very specific coffee orders), paired with a learn-as-you-go attitude, stellar Googling skills, and a good sense of humor. And voilà! A badass business lady was born, a title I like way more than barista.

Besides managing my business and doing creative stuff I really like long runs, rock climbing, road trips, and eating all the sweets!


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In order to further work towards Goldfish Girl Creative’s overarching goal of a stronger female community I started the #SupportSisterhood campaign. Using social media, the #SupportSisterhood Book Club, useful content, and products (50% of the profits are donated to the Global Fund For Women), it is my hope to lift the voices of our marginalized sisters, break down the barriers that divide us, and foster a more unified sense of community amongst everyone who identifies as a woman.  Learn more about how you can participate and get your swag on with the #SupportSisterood page.