a maker at heart, a designer by trade, a businesswoman in the making.

a small, women-owned studio.

I launched Goldfish Girl Creative, LLC on May 5th, 2021 and while the business plan, goals, and purpose have since changed, one thing has remained consistent: I’m still the same coffee loving, sassy girl who always has a a project on her mind, fun mug in hand, and a furry studio mate at her feet.

I have degrees in both Graphic Design and Fine Art, am a self-taught lettering artist, and a life-long illustrator. With a love for design and type, but a deep disdain for dark cubicles and long commutes, I started pursuing a career as a lettering artist and illustrator in 2017 and gained representation by Artistique International Illustration Agency in 2020. Since then I have worked with marketing agencies and companies like Hallmark and Greenvelope.

a littleabout me

Hello! I’m Anya, a pit bull mama (her name is Blueberry) and sticky note enthusiast. I established Goldfish Girl Creative, LLC in 2020 and launched in 2021 during the Coronavirus pandemic with no job, no background in business, a humble savings, and from the corner of a spare room in my parents’ house—a real fairytale beginning. What I did have was a background in design, illustration, and the barista arts (yes, there is an art to smiling at rude customers while trying not to burn yourself on their very specific coffee orders), paired with a learn-as-you-go attitude, stellar Googling skills, and a good sense of humor. And voilà! A badass business lady was born, a title I like way more than barista.

Besides managing my business and doing creative stuff I really like long runs, rock climbing, road trips, and eating all the sweets!

Meet theGGC MVP

What studio is complete without a fabulous, furry co-worker? Meet Blueberry, my very silly and extra sassy, rescue pitbull who keeps me company during long hours at me desk, helps me pack my artwork for shipping (by sitting on the large foam inserts so they don’t get away), and requires me to take breaks when things get tough…to take her outside for walks.

When she’s not helping me in the studio Blueberry enjoys taking naps in the sunny spots, playing in the snow, and destuffing her toys.