Introducing the gutsy girl gang

January 23, 2023

I’m starting something new.

I’ve always had a love for spunky, sassy, feminine themes in my work. I’ve been playing in the gutsy girl space since I was in college: painting sassy, “unlady-like” phrases on floral, antique serving trays; hand-lettering swear words in beautiful, flourishing script; embroidering traditionally inspired patterns into pleather using neon colors.

Something about combining two completely different things that “shouldn’t” work together to make something cooler just makes me so fucking excited. And I’m even more obsessed when you overlay that with a feminine theme. I just melt.

I am all about feminine strength and empowerment in all of it’s cliché glory and am of the belief that women don’t need to be masculine or emulate men in order to be strong. Women identifying people can wear heals, makeup, and flaunt their femininity AND be ass kickers. A girl can love pink and still know how to throw a punch. A “sweet, little, old lady” can swear like a sailor and throw a mean bird. A woman can be physically strong and muscular and still love getting all dolled up. No one has to choose between femininity and strength. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Now, the new thing…

I thought, why not take this love of the spunky, sassy, and feminine and connect with other women-identifying people? So, I decided to start the Gutsy Girl Gang, a way to celebrate all those other ladies out there like me who are obsessed with this lifestyle and aesthetic.

Who embrace their strength and femininity and don’t feel the need to choose between the two!

Who love pink boxing gloves.

Who get all dolled up and still passionately speak their minds and swear like a sailor.

Who can do pullups in a cute, strappy, summer dress.

Who aren’t afraid to be loud and take up space in all their fabulous, feminine glory.


Does this speak to you? Do you want to embrace your feminine strength more fiercely? You should join the gang!

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