2023 Goldfish Girl Creative Goals

February 6, 2023

I’ve been told that the more you share your goals with people and talk about them the more likely they are to come true… so, let’s make this shit happen! These are my 2023 goals for Goldfish Girl Creative!

1. Steady Shop Sales

Every small business needs multiple revenue streams for a smart financial strategy, and I’d really love to see my shop stream grow. Plus, the more money it makes the more time I can dedicate to designed cool stuff for it annnnd that would also be pretty awesome.

2. Big Illustration Clients

I want see more of my illustrations out in the real world in places like Target! I said it. All my favorite illustrators have done beautiful work for Target and for me that is a pretty serious sign of success.

3. Hire a Social Media Manager

I’m going to be honest, I can’t stand running social media profiles…it requires a hell of a lot of time and work that I would muuuuuch rather spend illustrating and actually making stuff. Even the actual process of making takes longer because I have to document everything for social media just to have enough content to put out for you guys.

4. A Bigger Studio

Making big paper-cut illustrations requires a ton of space!! Not only do I need the space to create, but I also need to have places to store all the materials and big ass shipping boxes I use. I am incredibly grateful for the space I have, but it’s time to expand! And I’m sure Blueberry (my dog and studio partner), who is always having to walk around boxes and paper to get to her studio bed, would agree.

5. Pay Off All Debt

Launching a business requires start-up funds and when you start from scratch like I did, you’re not making much money right off the bat. I have bootstrapped my way to this point and it would be great to be able to finally pay off that initial start-up debt.

6. LOTS of New Email Subscribers

I’m told that successful businesses have extensive email subscription lists and strong email marketing plans in place. I’d like to be one of those successful businesses.

7. 1k New Followers on Insta

I’m a small business owner and Instagram is a tool for expanding my community and reaching potential customers/clients. The larger the following the more people I can reach!

8. Collaborate with Some Badass Ladies

I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, right?

9. Business Confidence

Business is hard, especially when you have no background in it to begin with. Since launching I’ve read hundreds of articles, killed several highlighters annotation business books, made some substantial pivots, and rewritten my business plan more than I care to share. I’m ready to feel more confident in my title as small business owner.